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Our Story

Shelly Schrimpf-Wells and Stacy Schrimpf owners and operators of Steps for 27

 years have expanded their education to offer quality Pilates instruction under the Stott method of teaching.  The full line studio offers dancers and clients the opportunity to increase flexibility and strength providing a well balanced workout of all ages. 


Pilates is a highly effective way to shape up, slim down and feel great!  An emphasis of movement quality, posture, and breathing makes Pilates a safe, yet challenging and revitalizing workout.  Once the secret of dancers and celebrities, now recommended by personal trainers and physical therapist everywhere!

Our Equipment


Stability Balls

Bosu Ball

Fitness Circle


Foam Rollers


Arc Barrel 

What Are The Benefits Of Pilates

*Greater mind body awareness

*Flatter abdominals and better posture

*Enhanced performance in dance, running, tennis, golf and LIFE

*Stronger, longer, leaner muscles

*Core stability and body balance

Private and Semi Private Classes Available

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